About Us

XIRSYS is an acronym for Exchanging Information in Real-time Systems

Experts in custom Audio and Video infrastructure architecture, design and management, Xirsys has been serving the streaming community as "Influxis" for more than 15 years and counting.

Xirsys was one of the few original pioneers of WebRTC infrastructure on-demand with their TURN Server offerings, and have since extended their offer to custom installation and hosting of practically all the possible WebRTC servers in the world: Jitsi video bridge, Janus video room, Medooze, LiveSwitch, Kurento media server, etc. With footprint in 11 data centers across the world, they are the most versatile WebRTC hosting solution on the market.

Xirsys is built upon patented technology providing a distributed deployment architecture for advanced reliability, scalability and extendability. This creates superior uptime and allows for arbitrary 3rd party software to quickly become part of the Xirsys service and accessible through the API.

In 2018, Xirsys partnered with WebRTC innovation leaders CoSMo Software to create and deploy "Millicast", a streaming technology for large-scale, sub-second latency streaming.